Hybrid School 2020-2021

(on-site & online)

Timeline for Reopening

  • As new mandates and guidance become available, these dates may change:

  • July 15th Sections 1-3 of Operational Blueprint for Reentry rough draft completed for review by Sheridan School District

  • July 15th Sheridan School District Summer Board Meeting

  • July 16th Sheridan Japanese School Regular Board Meeting

  • July 31st Sections 1-3 of Operational Blueprint for Reentry completed for submission to Local Health Authority

  • August 8th Graduation and Promotion

  • August 15th Full Operational Blueprint for Reentry due to Oregon Department of Education and posted to the required websites

  • August 17th-21st Back to School Conferences with Director for all students who are in 4th, 8th, 9th, 12th, and those who are either off-track for graduation or had "Incomplete" grade(s) from Distance Learning.

  • August 24th-27th Staff Inservice

  • August 27th Back to School BBQ (Tentatively planned)

  • August 31st First Day of School

Our Current Plan

Based on feedback from our survey and conversations with families, SJS is choosing to roll out a Hybrid (on-site and online) model for the fall. Here is what we know right now:

  • Students/families who are considered vulnerable/high risk can choose to attend SJS in the Hybrid (on-site and online) model OR the fully online model.

  • Students will be placed in small equitable and stable cohorts (a group of people remaining together over time with minimal mixing of groups).

  • Students will be assigned cohorts. (We will let you know those in mid-August.)

  • Students will meet on-site with teachers and peers two days a week and will work online three days a week.

  • Students with IEP or 504 plans will be invited on-site a 3rd day each week to receive their specifically designed instruction and necessary supports.

  • Students will not be able to hang-out at the school.

  • Drop off and pick up times will be assigned and strictly enforced.

  • Primary symptom screening will take place prior to entering the building every day.

  • Stable cohorts will enter by separate doors.

  • Students will be assigned to rooms and spaces.

  • Students 12 years and older will be required to wear masks.

  • Whole school activities will be transferred to the smaller cohorts as much as possible (i.e. Assemblies, Rajio Taiso, Mianichi Undo, etc.)

  • Lunch and breaks will take place in stable cohorts in assigned classrooms and spaces.

  • No off-campus lunch for high school students.

  • SJS Staff members will no longer be able to transport non-household members in their private vehicles.

  • Visitors will not be admitted into the building without a really really good reason.

  • Students CANNOT clean the school.

  • Bathrooms and water facets will need to be cleaned once an hour by an adult.


We are working hard to:

  • Keep our students and staff safe.

  • Limit the number of cohorts each student is a part of.

  • Use our on-site time wisely.

  • Add more mental health support to our program.

Our Mission Statement:






Sister School Visit

Toyama Kokusai - Toyama University of International Studies High School is our new sister-school! 53 of their students and 19 of our students hung out together on Saturday. We played American games, ate typical American junk food, compared our countries and educations, and swapped TONS of stories. We had a blast!

Business Hours:

Summer Schedule

Monday - Thursday

7:30 am - 1:00 pm

closed on holiday

School in Session Schedule

7:30 am-4:00 pm

closed on holidays

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