Grade Levels:

We focus on self-directed and multi-age collaborate learning, research, and experimentation – as shown by our exhibitions (school-wide projects held in the fall and spring), as well as Undoukai (an annual school-wide sports’ day). The focused small class environment for whole group and selective group demonstrations/discussions – as well as individual conferencing and personalized learning structures – promotes engagement and activity in order to help the student(s) achieve their best potential. Students also participate in Homeroom activities and competitions in the style of typical Japanese schools.


SJS prides itself as a rigorous, multi-age, and high behavioral expectations and follow the school code. A SJS student must commit and learn/exercise self-discipline. Parent/guardian involvement is crucial for the benefit and success of the student, but the overall success of the SJS academic program truly lies in the commitment and dedication of the student. Our staff is committed to helping our students find and become their best selves.