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  • The school BUILDING is closed for the remainder of the year, NOT school.

  • We begin Distance Learning for All on Monday, April 13th. Distance Learning will be done online for all SJS students.

  • Students will need to access their Google Suite.

  • If a student needs to borrow a Chromebook, they can do that by contacting the office.

  • Students in 4/5 can expect 6.5 hours of school time per day. This includes 90 minutes of teacher-led learning, 3 hours of learning and supplemental activities, and 2 hours for nutrition and breaks.

  • Students in grades 6-12 can expect 7 hours of school time per day. This includes 3 hours of teacher-led learning, 1-2 hours of learning and supplemental activities, and 2 hours for nutrition and breaks.

  • These times were set by the state.

  • Our teacher-led time will happen in what we are calling Real Time Classes. Attendance in Real Time Classes is mandatory.

  • Teachers will also offer Real Time Office Hours during the week. Office Hours are a non-structured time to pop in and ask questions. Office hours are NOT mandatory.

  • Real Time Class and Real Time Office Hours will be posted on students' Google Calendars, in their Google Classrooms, and in this week's Weekly Update.

  • SJS FAST for parents and guardians will also be sent out on Monday, April 13th. We had hoped to release it earlier, but it's taking longer than we thought to create. 

  • Finally, Schulze wants you to know and understand this... the State has made our priorities as follows: 1. Connection. 2. Physical wellness: housing, food, & exercise. 3. Social and Emotional wellness. 4. Teaching and learning. If all we accomplish are the first three, we will be more connected and healthier when this is over. If teaching and learning happen, that's a bonus!

  • If you have ANY questions, please call/email Schulze-sensei, or join one of her Dessert with the Director. Her next DWD is scheduled for Friday, April 10th at 7:00pm. A link to that Zoom is posted on the school calendar on our website. Schulze can also email you a link on request.

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Sister School Visit

Toyama Kokusai - Toyama University of International Studies High School is our new sister-school! 53 of their students and 19 of our students hung out together on Saturday. We played American games, ate typical American junk food, compared our countries and educations, and swapped TONS of stories. We had a blast!

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