Aozora Gakkou

Aozora Gakkou (Aozora for short) is a Japanese language and culture experience camp hosted by SJS. Aozora focuses on Japanese culture and language using a project based learning approach. During this week-long camp, campers learn about Japanese festivals from our Japanese campers who visit us from Nagoya, Japan. We then work together to plan, create, and host a summer festival for the Sheridan community.


Aozora emphasizes teamwork and international connections. Campers are organized into mixed age groups to work on our festival. During this time, Japanese and American campers work together to form relationships, learn new customs, support understanding, and learn/practice each other's language.


For those who are interested, you may volunteer to host one of the Japanese campers for during their stay here. This is a great opportunity that adds to the magic of camp! However, you do not need to have a camper attending Aozora in order to host. It is recommended that you have children between the ages of 10 and 18 who are interested in making an international friendship.

For more information on Aozora, contact Schulze-sensei at

Aozora Gakkou 2020 is planned for August 2 - August 8 2020. The cost of camp is $350 per camper ($50 to register. Discount if paid by April 1, 2020 at noon

Please feel free to contact Katharine Davis with any questions you may have.