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The new Real Time schedule came out and my schedule has a conflict. What do I do?

Please let Schulze know if your schedule has a conflict. She will work with the staff to resolve all conflicts from week one so that they can be fixed in week two. In the meantime, please go to the class you need to most and watch the video for the other class. Videos will be posted within 24 hours in your Google classroom. Also, it would be nice to let your teacher know you have a conflict and which class you will attend.

The times on the Distance Learning Schedule don't match my old class schedule. Why can't you just do the schedule by periods like when we were in the building?

It would be so much easier if we could just use our normal bell schedule to run our online classes, but we couldn't. We had to be mindful of lunch pick up times, maximum Teacher-led instruction guidelines (which are different for 4/5 and 6-12), and multiple students in a home using the same bandwidth. The last one was super hard to schedule around. We apologize for not being able to be more accommodating with siblings.

My schedule is not loading up on my Google Calendar. What can I do?

Balthaser-sensei has a video entitled "Google Calendar." That video shows you how to link your classes to your calendar. That video is posted at the top of EVERY SJS Google Classroom.

PE is listed every day. Do I need to go every day?

You are more than welcome to attend Mitchell-sensei's PE class every day. In reality, elementary and middle school students are only required to attend her class twice a week and then participate in additional activities to get their 225 minutes a week met. High school students are not required to attend Mitchell-sensei's class, but they are more than welcome to. HS students should be working to earn at least 100 minutes of PE per week.

What if I have to miss a Real Time class?

If possible, let your teacher know in advance that you will miss their class. After their video posts from the class you missed, please watch it. When you have completed the video, email your teacher and let them know you are done.

How will you take attendance? Do we need to do logs of the work our students are doing and submit those?

As of right now, ODE has not given us direction on how we are to take attendance. They have only said that it will not be the same as what we previously did. Our staff will be providing Real Time lessons and activities at least twice a week for each class your student has at SJS. We will count attendance in those Real Time engagements and record assignments that students submit until we have more information from ODE.

When we start Distance Learning for All, will my student need to get on the internet, or can we continue doing packets?

We have solved every connectivity and technology issue we had with SJS families. We realize more may surface as we go along, but according to our survey, 100% of our families were in favor of moving to school online. The expectation is that your student will log into their Google Classroom daily and participate in Real Time lessons and activities as if they were in school.

Does my student need a camera on their computer for Distance Learning school?

No. Student can join Real Time lessons and activities with audio-only. They need to see the teacher, but the teacher only needs to see them.

Can I come by the school to pick up supplies or borrow books?

You can come to the school, but we cannot let you inside the school. Hyde-sensei and Schulze-sensei are working in the office. If you call or email BOTH Hyde and Schulze in advance, we can gather what you need and have it ready to pass to you when you arrive.

How do I contact my teachers since we aren't at school?

Beginning on April 1st, all teachers have a Google phone number that you can use to text or call your teachers as they work remotely. You can also reach out to your teachers via email, Google Chats, and Google Meets. You will find the new Google features in your Google account. All teachers have set up "office hours" and are totally available during those times, but you can always email them and set up another time to meet.


Staff Google numbers are:

Welker-sensei (503) 308-1418

Glavan-sensei (503) 395-0142

Mitchell-sensei (503) 389-8905

Bione-sensei (503)395-2142

Balthasar-sensei (503)395-4690

May-sensei (503) 395-8309

Willis-sensei (503) 406-8694

Rissueew-sensei (503) 218-3816

Schulze-sensei (503) 395-0012

Do I need a packet if I have internet access?

No. The packets are designed for our SEALS time and can be provided for people who can't access the materials in our Google Classrooms. The packets are comparable to what is available online but not exact.

What is the difference between SEALS and Distance Learning for All?

Initially, when we didn't anticipate a long closure, Governor Brown asked us to supply families with supplemental support materials to fill the gap. Those became known as SEALS (Supplemental Education and Learning Supports). On March 30th, the plan was changed in anticipation of a longer closure. Now, we are charged with figuring out how to offer Distance Learning for All. We are not 100% sure what that will look like yet, but we are working on it. We are expected to provide Distance Learning for All beginning on April 13th. SEALS were just support materials and activities - they are not mandatory or required. Distance Learning for All will be school - it will be mandatory and required.

Is school over for the year?

No. As of right now, we are expected back to school on April 29th. Between now and then, we will provide students with Supplemental Education and Learning Supports (SEALS) beginning April 1st. On April 13th we will launch Distance Learning for All (DLFA), which will replace SEALS and be our new form of school until we return to the building.

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