High School: (9-12)

Each year the curriculum content focuses on a historical time period or geographical area, a literary genre, and a science subject. The curriculum content rotations generally follow a four-year cycle.


  • Language Arts: Four-year rotation of World and Ancient Literature.

  • Science: Four-year rotation of Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physics.

  • Social Studies: Four year rotation of World History and Economics/Government.

  • Japanese and Math courses do not rotate.

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Expanded Options:

    This program is designed to enable at-risk high school students to access a post-secondary institution using

public funds to support their enrollment. The students must apply and meet required criteria before being

accepted into this program.

Sheridan School District provides a number of opportunities for your student to access college credit while

still in high school. Below is a list of the options available within our district.

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