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Every two years, SJS gives its students the chance to participate a trip to Japan. The Japan Trip (JT) is an economical tour where students learn firsthand the lingual nuances and cultural norms of modern Japan. For those who thrive on a more hands-on approach to learning a language or culture, this trip may help spark their interest or drive in the Japanese people and culture.

The JT is funded in part by fundraising done by SJS students, but is primarily funded by the respective participating students. During the course of the registration process, the students may participate in multiple SJS hosted fundraisers in order to help pay for their trip, and are given the chance to host their own fundraisers (if they so choose). Outside fundraisers for the JT are also accepted, and fundraisers as a whole are highly encouraged. Registration forms are provided by the school, and JT candidates are judged based on aptitude, enthusiasm, and cooperation. This stage can also help show how the student handles responsibility, as most of the registration process falls on them to schedule and complete.

Each JT is approximately two weeks in length. The first week focuses on a Homestay experience and Japanese School activities. During this week, students may participate in classes, club activities, sports, and festivals. The second week focuses on traveling to sightseeing and educational areas, exposing students to the sights and experiences of Japan. The locations during the second week will also cycle for every trip, so students can attend multiple JTs during their time at SJS.

JT students give input and customize planning for the trip through electives, conferences, and meetings with our Japanese Director, Executive Director, and other experts in Japan.

Fundraising Opportunities

Please contact Stephanie Jensen at


2017 Japan Trip

Students visited Shukutoku Yono High School in Saitama and then traveled to Hiroshima, Kyoto and Nara.

2019 Japan Trip

Students will spend a week with a family and attending school, then travel north to the Tohoku area (Miyagi and Yamagata prefectures).

More details will be released as plans are solidified.

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