SJS Program

Currently, SJS serves 88 students from 4th through 12th grade. Our student to staff ratio is 1:9.


SJS’s curriculum courses focus on Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science and Japanese. 


In Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science, our content rotates on a four-year cycle. Each year the curriculum has a focus on one historical time period, geographical area, and/or scientific area. Students who attend SJS from grades 4 through 12 receive each cycle twice, building on prior knowledge to attain more complex concepts.


Japanese and Mathematics classes do not follow a four-year rotation; levels are determined by proficiency.


Every student is assigned to a homeroom. The homeroom teacher develops personal relationships and rapport with students for academics, social activities, parent/guardian communication, and school-related events. Throughout the year, homerooms compete for points to earn rewards and bragging rights.



SJS and the Sheridan School District have a co-operative OSAA (Oregon Sports Athletic Association)agreement which allows Sheridan students to participate in sporting activities offered in the district. Non-district students may participate in sports in their home district. A sports physical is required every two years. Guidelines, code of ethics, and other requirements for SJS, Faulconer-Chapman, and Sheridan High School must be followed. All students who participate in sports must have insurance coverage either through the school district or home, and pay the required sports fee. SJS Students are held to SJS Extra Curricular rules for grades when participating in sports.

Living History - information coming!

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Our traditional Japanese Taiko drumming team is comprised of student drummers. They work with a Taiko master who helps them develop their unique sound and style. This lively group is happy to perform for your next event. Donations are welcome to help fund our program. Please consider booking us! Please book at least one month prior to your event. Book our Taiko Team HERE.

VEX Robotics:

SJS is proud to offer VEX Robotics as part of our extra curricular programs. Teams are organized and run under his leadership. Students in grades 6-12 are welcome and encouraged to participate in VEX. Students have the opportunity to attend events and compete with other VEX teams from around Oregon. The VEX Team does numerous fundraisers to build their program. If you are interested in joining VEX, please contact Bionesensei, the Robotics adviser.


SJS annually celebrates a unique school wide sports festival, mirroring Japanese school culture. Students work as teams in their respective homerooms to compete for first place in multiple sports/activities for the majority of the day.

Martial Arts Class:

Authentic Japanese Military Art of Bujinkan Ninjutsu is good for those who suffer from PTSD, social anxiety, poor coordination, low self-esteem, limited physical abilities, lack of conference.

Admission: Free

When: Wednesdays at 3:45 p.m. - 4:45 p.m.

Location: SJS Nihonkai

Sensei: Jeffrey Granger